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Now you can offer BuggyBeds® to your Retail Customers for over the counter sales. The beautiful counter-top POP display and colorful packaging make this an easy purchase decision for your customers..

BuggyBeds® BedBug Glue Traps can save your clients thousands of dollars in exterminating costs through Monitoring and early Detection for the presence of BedBugs. BedBugs can also be costly to your customers' bottom line by negatively impacting their business, image and reputation!

We are an Authorized Wholesaler for the manufacturer of BuggyBeds® detection glue traps. Our wholesale prices easily make this product a new profit center for your retail customers.  


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BuggyBeds Home Pack (4)

BuggyBeds® Home Pack (4)

Protect your Family before you are bitten by bedbugs.
Easy to Use - Slide and Hide anywhere bedbugs are suspected.
Early Detection will Save thousands in exterminating costs.
24/7 Around-the-Clock Monitoring.
Safe for Family and Pets.

BuggyBeds traps are easy and ready to use right out of the box. Slide and Hide each trap in all four corners of the bed between the mattress and box spring (or floor) with the side marked ‘This Side Down’ facing down. A simple daily visual check of your BuggyBeds traps will allow you to detect bed bugs early.

BuggyBeds Auto Pack (2)

BuggyBeds® Auto Pack (2)

Place in cars to prevent bedbugs from Hitchhiking into your Home.
Auto Pak is also an Air Freshener.
Trap and Kill Bedbugs - DEAD!
24/7 Around-the-Clock Monitoring.

Place BuggyBeds® traps in your vehicle pouches behind your seat, or place them under the back carpet floor mats. Protect your college students and keep out unwanted roommates in their dorm with BuggyBeds trap! BuggyBeds are designed to lure and trap bed bugs DEAD - into the trap and not onto you, in all areas of your life - Car, Motor Home, Camper, Trunks, Cargo Bay, Boats, & more!

BuggyBeds Child Pack  Pack (4)

BuggyBeds® Child Pack  Pack (4)

Safe for Infants and Children.
24/7 Around-the-Clock Monitoring.
Non-Toxic - No Pesticides!
Crushproof Design

A simple daily visual check of your BuggyBeds® traps will allow you to detect bed bugs early and protect your children. If a bed bug is detected in baby's Crib, Bedding, Mattress, Car Seat, Auto, you may want to call a professional exterminator for evaluation. Discard and replace your BuggyBeds trap when a bed bug is detected or every six months.

BuggyBeds Dorm Pack (4)

BuggyBeds® Dorm Pack (4)

Protect your College Students from bedbugs in their Dorms and Apartments.
Protect your College Students when they Travel in the US or Abroad.
Protect your Home when students return for college breaks.
Place in Luggage, Knapsacks,& Computer Carrying Cases to stop Bedbugs from Hitchhiking.
Units are active for 6 months.

While away at school, upon arrival, immediately place your BuggyBeds® traps between the Dorm mattress and box spring. When it's time to go home, place your BuggyBeds traps in your luggage before closing to lure or detect any bed bugs before they travel back to your home.

BuggyBeds Value Pack (12)

BuggyBeds® Value Pack (12)

Units are interchangeable. Save money with our Value Pak.
Place in all bedrooms, children's rooms or nursery.
Place in the seating areas in your Home.
Take with you when you Travel.
Send them to school with your College Students.
Place in all your Cars

BuggyBeds® traps are easy and ready to use right out of the box. Slide and Hide each trap in all four corners of the bed between the mattress and box spring (or floor) and detect bed bugs early!

Bulk Pak (144) BuggyBeds

Bulk Pak (144) BuggyBeds®

Don't let the Bedbug epidemic ruin your business. Bedbugs are everywhere and early detection is your best defense. Your customers will love the fact you care enough to use the new BuggyBeds™Bedbug detection glue trap. Early detection of Bedbugs in your Hotel, Motel, School, Hospital, Waiting Rooms, office and anywhere an infestation car transfer is key to saving thousands of dollars from a Bedbug infestation.

These BuggyBeds
® Bedbug detection glue traps will provide around-the-clock peace of mind in all aspects of life. BuggyBeds™Bedbug detection glue trap is packaged for volume housekeeping or individual packaging for all departments of your store: travel, automotive, home, bedding, college, Hotel, Motel, School, Hospital, Waiting Rooms, offices.

Wholesale / Bulk Cases

BuggyBeds® are sold in Bulk Cases (144 units) for the Industrial and Institutional markets. Structural Pest Control distributors & Professional Exterminators can benefit from purchasing BuggyBeds in Bulk Cases. Our discount wholesale price schedule reduces the cost per unit when larger quantities are purchased. The products in-use shelf life is six months, or once a bedbug is trapped.

® Bed Bug Glue Traps are a safe and unique way to detect and monitor bedbugs (US. & Foreign Patents Pending). BuggyBeds mimic human hormones and attract bedbugs to the glue trap. For the professional, licensed pest control service technician, this will be an early warning of the presence of bedbugs in your clients' business or residence.

® can provide Exterminators with a new and profitable pest control service for your clients. BuggyBeds can be used as a detection program to prevent an infestation from developing or as a monitoring service to prevent a reemergence of bedbugs after you've successfully treated an infestation. The glue traps are available in bulk cases (144 units) for a very inexpensive cost per unit. Click here for a Wholesale Price Schedule and a FREE SAMPLE.

Bulk Cases are also the right choice for Distributors whose clients include hotels, motels, assisted living facilities, hospitals, property managers, cruise ships, airlines, passenger trains, clothing retailers and more. In these businesses employees can Monitor BuggyBeds
® Glue Traps for the early Detection of bedbugs, thus saving thousands of dollars to remediate a full-blown Infestation.


Contact us today for a Wholesale Price Schedule and a Free Sample.

Wholesale Price Schedule and a Free Sample



Contact us today for a Wholesale Price Schedule and a Free Sample.

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